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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> happening right now at 11, local woman says she's terrified because of something that happened while she was sleeping. a burglar snuck into her home and stole her stuff while she slept just inches away. good evening, i'm lucy noland. tonight that woman's neighbors well they're scared, too. hoping they won't be next. let's get straight to fox 29's shawnette wilson at the clementon police department. shawnette. >> reporter: well, lucy, the victim says she doesn't know how she slept through the whole thing but she's glad she did. meanwhile it was the burglar's failed tempt another break in that got employees to the scene. >> i saw all the drawers were open, and stuff was taken out, and jewelry, all my july row was gone report roar this woman tells the terrifying story of what happened while she slept inside her home in clementon
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heritage's square. >> i woke up to three cop in the living room and the flashlight saying hello, hello s anyone home. >> were the. >> reporter: we're not showing her face because she's still shaken up. it was week ago today that a burglar broke this back kitchen window, climbed through and took money and credit cards from her purse. they also went room to room stealing jewelry getting just inches away from her as she slept. >> i have a night stand next to my bed, and they had gone through the drawer in the night stand because it was still open. >> reporter: police say the burglar left and tried to break into another home few doors away but was scared off because that person inside was awake. she doesn't know how she slept through it all, but she believes it's a blessing and likely the reason she doesn't get hur. >> i don't know how. i really don't. i don't. i'm glad i did. because i don't know what would have happened if i had won't up. >> reporter: investigators also say that similar break ins have happened not far away in
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lindenwold. lucy? >> thank you very much, shawnette. breaking now out tacony sky fox over frankford avenue and robbins street gunfire struck down three people just past 9:00 injuring a 17-year-old an 16 year old. they're both in critical condition. a 21-year-old has gunshot wound to the shoulder. right now no arrests but investigators say they have found the gun they believe was used. sky fox also over ogontz and the area where philadelphia police say someone apparently tried to start a fire in a police cruiser. investigators found burnt papers sticking out of an open gas tank in the car parked at the 35th district lot. nobody is hurt, though. on your radar tonight, cooler temperatures and even some frost. what? meteorologist kathy orr is here with the big changes. >> it's almost mid objection. >> i know it is. >> i think it's just a shock to us because it's been such a nice fall. >> it has been. >> right? with the exception of matthew it's been all good. let's take look at the frost advisory begins at 2:00 a.m. and
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goes to 9am for the those hears areas highlighted in blue. especially upper bucks, upper montgomery usual suspects you see the cooler temperatures at night and of course northern and western parts of chester county and that does extend into the lehigh valley and the poconos also interior south jersey looking at temperatures between thrive and 38 degrees in that particular range for those areas. outside, beautiful night in old city philadelphia. temperature 51. the high today 65. winds out of the north at 7 miles an hour. the winds will be dying down even more temperatures already in the 40s in the poconos. pottstown, allentown, reading, most in the 40s with the exception exception philadelphia still sitting at 51 degrees. winds died down significant the. in the poconos thee miles an hour. when you have that calm wind and a cool air mass and very low humidity, you know you'll have a cold night. dew points in the 30s and 40s. equal clear skies. you can even make a cloud not
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enough moisture mild air stays well to the south went see cooler air in the north and it will stick around this week for the most part. we will be seeing a warmup as we make our way toward the end of the week and even by the weekend overnight in philadelphia 45. in our suburbs 37. clear with northerly winds about five to 10 miles an hour. not bad. during the day tomorrow, with less wind it will even feel warmer. the temperature 67 degrees with winds out of the northeast at 5 miles an hour becoming southerly. that's warm wind for us. on your seven day forecast for the weather authority wednesday looking good. 70 degrees. thursday morning fog, 72. front moves through thursday night. relatively dry front. friday looks nice, saturday great. we warm it up 69 degrees on sunday. and 72 degrees by next monday. that's heading towards the second half of the month of objection. you have to love it. a stretch with sunshine. we'll send it back to you lucy. >> i do love it. thank you very much, kathy. hurricane matthew is history but it has left record-setting
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flood waters behind. in north carolina, search and rescues crews are searching for victims matthew tonight. this is video from lumberton. the storm killed at least 23 people in the us nearly half of them in north carolina. at least three people are still missing. meanwhile in haiti the death toll continues to rise with at least 500 people who did not survive. desperation is growing as survivors wait for aid. the storm destroyed tens of thousands of homes and left 350,000 people in teed of help. health officials are warning about the possibility of a cholera outbreak because of contaminated water. happening right now west philadelphia mother is pleading for help to fine the person who killed her son. >> it's hard that he's not here, you know, it's hard to come to terms that he's not going to be here. >> it has been nearly a month since someone shot and killed
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darrell singleton outside his home in cobbs creek. he was just a day shy of his 25th birth today. his mom says police haven't made any progress in catching her son's killer. she says her son was home in between his emt classes last month when the killer shot him. she says his friends he grew up with have gone silent. that's just amplifying her pain. >> we want answers and we know that people have information because darrell was well known in the neighborhood as a good kid, you know, and people liked him in the neighbor. so that's why it's hard to understand why people aren't talking. police are offering a $21,000 reward for any information leading to an arre arrest. you decide 2016. both candidates appeared competent tonight on the campaign trail following last night pots debate and with less than four weeks till the leck the nominees are wasting no time. clinton jetted to battleground states of michigan and ohio today to declare herself the
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winner of the debate. she focused on trump's 2005 tape where he made lewd comments about women. and trauma many stopped right here in pennsylvania hitting am bridge in the western part of the state headed to wilkes-barre tonight. republican again today deflected criticism hinting the election could be stolen from him in philadelphia. >> i hope year going to do great in philadelphia. i went to school there. i love the school. i loved everything. but i just hear such reports about philadelphia and we have to make sure we're protected. we have to make sure the people of philadelphia are protected, that the vote counts are 100%. >> he's disrespected and debt graded african-americans and latinos. muslims and pows. people with disabilities and immigrants. he has equal opportunity insult if there everyone was. >> also today, wikileaks posted thus sands more e-mails that
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appear to be from the account of hillary clinton's presidential campaign chairman john pa did he say tow. you are running out of time to register to vote. pennsylvania voters your deadline is tomorrow. in delaware the deadline is objection 15t 15th. new jersey voters your deadline is october 18. now to see the dates again learn how to register in your state head to click the scene on tv section on the home page. easy as that. developing right now, the search for a serial predator he has struck at least two times in recent weeks and believe police the same person may have been behind a violent crime spree dating back to april. fox 29's dave schratwieser is at philadelphia police headquarters tonight with that story. dave? >> reporter: lucy, folks in that kensington neighborhood where these attacks are taking place say they are so concerned some of them are afraid to go out at night after six attacks in the past six months. >> you got to be aware of your surrounding at all times. >> reporter: that warning for women in kensington is word that
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serial predator hassling to do another pair of recent violent sex assaults in this neighbor. >> i think he's crazy to be very truthful and he needs to be taken down. he real does. >> reporter: monday evening tyrone brown was walking his family home down clearfield street fully aware that a serial predator has struck multiple times in his neighbor. >> you got this guy doing this, you know, women out here, i'm not going to let my wife go outside at nighttime by herself. >> reporter: investigators now believe two event attacks here attestor ton and clearfield at ruth are connected to airstrike of a tax on prostitutes dating back to april. >> it's like he's watching them or picking out the ones he wants to. >> reporter: police row leased these pictures of the suspect on bike back in july after 35-year-old ricky morgan was beaten with brick then stabbed to death here at jasper and comer land. >> i'm to the going to come out here at night. >> riding on them his bike with a knife, it? they needed to something about this. >> reporter: there's $20,000
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reward for information in the murder of ricky mr. began. police patrols in that area have also been increased. lucy? >> thank you very much, day. another full day of jury selection tomorrow mike mcqueary's whistleblower lawsuit against penn state university. lawyers are choosing from a pool of 28 selected jurors left. they selected 19 so far. he claims the university wrongly terminated him. a jury convicted jerry sandusky of sexually abusing boys. mmc inquiry rear's testimony helped but jerry sandusky in prison. he claims because he came forward he's been una able to get another coaching job. >> hitting like girl this video has a lot of fans going i can't get enough of it. the take down and the player that has people talking. and for fertility treatments can be a god send for companies struggling to conceive could
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the -- >> chances are you've seen the push to make sure people are reps instead of instead to vote. what if you don't have permanent address to put on the application? the process to ensure the homeless can make their voices heard this leck day as well as everyone else. and pumpkin spice has become a fall favorite from lattes to must have phipps to cookies, right? doctors say pumpkins are great for your health, you may not find very much of the real thing in your favorite fall treats in some cases the treats may include more sugar than normal. if you love the pumpkin taste doctors suggest add the ingredients yourself. planned parenthood.
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i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. i can't believe gus, you're not scared are you? you're the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. i don't like thunder! (bashfully) this is getting creepy! (sfx: loud thunder clap) grrrr, did you say creepy? creepy cash? the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery.
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yeah, with top prizes of 50 grand. that's a monster of a prize. keep on scratchin'
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>> local high school football player is garnering national attention. we got video right here. north penn kicker kelly mcnamara putting down a huge hit on her opponent friday name it's gone viral. video of that hit has more than million views. 17 year old is a school's first female kicker and she is ranked fourth in the state and that hit helped her school stay undefeated. we caught up with kell who'll says none of this has anything to do with so-called girl power. it has everything to do with help her team though. >> i'm not doing it for girl power thing or anything like.
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she's a girl, blah, blah, go do it because she's a girl. i'm doing it as a person this is something i can like do and i enjoy. i go out and i do it. >> kelly may also make an appearance on the ellen degeneres show much she's also hoping to continues her football career in college. you see it, you shoot it, our fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your enabled. iain? >> what you got? >> lucy, a situation in springfield delaware county thanks to quick action by first responders. our fresco user emma medina caught this fire at kohl's clothing store on baltimore pike. it broke out around 7:30 tonight. they got it under control in about an hour and a half. nobody was injured. in pottstown our fresco user sheena powell son cute you caught another fire on the ruin but hundred montgomery county officials aren't sure what started this brush fire but they got it under control in about an hour. thankfully nobody was hur. >> golf outing in delaware county raising money for local church.
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two communities which help men and women with disabilities host the event. the money goes to our lady of fat tim ma and community programs the 18 i don't think year of the this even. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and make sure to use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. you'll made make some money. >> thanks much, iain. you decide 2016 tuesday notify eighth less than month away right around the corner and tomorrow is pennsylvania's deadline to register to vote in the presidential leck. but what do you do if you're living day to day, you know, place to place? what if it's been awhile since you had a steady place to call home? fox 29's hank flynn checks in with some of philadelphia's homeless and found they'll have a lot of options this election day. >> jimmy carter was the worse. >> that's why he was out in four years. >> that you go. >> josh knows his politics. but he's homeless and he
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uncertainty he lives with means he doesn't know for sure whether he'll vote on tuesday novembe november 8th. >> i mean, where i'll be at i don't know where i'll be. i might be in rehab in november or something like that. i have no idea. >> reporter: this is silver street just off of lehigh. homeless end camp right up that trail at the top of that ladder. a lot of people actually come up here to get high. despite shaking living conditions for some most are he can treatmently mitt klee aware and doin' tend to vote if circumstances a allow. >> are you going to make the tout vote. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> um-hmm. i don't like trump. >> how come? some people say he's a good businessman. >> he's just ignorant to women. >> personal circumstances notwithstanding it is not hard for homeless folks to vote in pennsylvania. those without permanent addresses can use the addresses of shelter programs where they have a relationship if you're a felon whose been released you can vote. if you can get to the polls, there are options. >> if you're homeless you have
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the right to vote and nobody can take that away. we're here to lee those barriers and make sure everybody has the right to vote. >> janine was at the veterans mull pell service center registers elder veterans to vote some of whom are homeless. >> lindsay was ironing has jea jeans. >> old school when they iron your jeans. >> pleating them. >> if i had some starch i'd have a crease all the way down. >> he got him itself registered to vote. he thinks the only way vets are going to get help they need. >> i know a couple of veterans that have died waiting for services. have literally died. i've been to at least five funerals over the last year. we going to get this veteran help w it's time for them to help this man done passed away two woke ago. >> homeless or not if you're not registered you can do so but by midnight tuesday in
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pennsylvania. you can reach out to project home's vote for homes coalition the number at the bottom of the screen. are your live circumstances keeping you from voting? why? hit us up on twitter at hank fox 29 and always at fox 29 philly. a lot of talk tonight about who won the latest presidential debate we don't necessarily have the answer on that but we do know who nominated the social media popularity couldn't testify his name is ken bone. uncommitted voter who's now internet famous last night he asked nominees about their energy plans inspiring thousands of social media posts and tweets. people tweeted about bone and his sweater and his white tie and how he looks like a character on the board game guess who and hahn and on and on. people also tweeted about how sweet and likeable he is. whole lot of internet love and that i sod sweater he had on, guess what, it's apparently now sold out online. so there you go. we all want to be like ken. to your health now hidden side of treating high blood
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pressure. some commonly prescribed blood pressure medications may impact certain food disorders. hypertension drugs can increase your risk at least one can decrease your mood disorder ri risk. researchers suggest doctors keep an eye on their parents mental health when treating high blood pressure. the study is in the journal hypertension. so it now seems men and boys who were born with help from fertile lit treatments may have trouble fathers children of their own. researchers looked at the sperm 54 men born as a result of infertility treatments they had half the sperm concentration than men conceived naturally scientists don't know why this happens so they've got whole lore research to do. the findings in are in the journal human row product. sean bell. >> lucy, you ever everyone is blaming the turnovers or sluggish eagles against the lions. they have to take look at the penalties the eagles had during the game. they can't blame the refs for
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some of the dumb things the eagles did yesterday. i'll show you why next in sports. [ roars ]
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♪ ryan lochte could end 2016 on high note after all. the olympian swimmer is engage. 31 year old proposed to his girlfriend former playboy model kayla ray read. he's competing on dancing with the stars away to try to help his bruised image after he adm admitted to lying about getting robbed in brazil during the olympic. he says he realized read was his one and only. after she stood by him during the controversy. they met at a nightclub in january and now sports in 15 seconds much 15 seconds. ♪ eagles are three-one so there's no reason to cry, one
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loss on the road we'll be just fine. now how the eagles lost is a problem. they lost because of sloppy play and being out played and out coached. eagles had 14 penalties for 111 yards. that's ridiculous. that can't happen on a winning ball club. lions only had two penalties for 18. i see lot of fans on the radio and social media complaining about the calls, but the eagles earned every bit of it take look at these two plays in particul particular. down 14-seven. fletcher cox he just rips off stafford haass helmet. that gave them 15 yards an touchdown. end excusable play on third down when they would have kick the field goal. malcolm jenkins with late hit that's unnecessary. that's hit to the head. that's called in this type of football in this type of nfl that can't happen. that gave them a chip shot to win the field goal. they can have harder field goal that would potentially would have missed.
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you can blame the officiating for the loss or affecting this game in any way. the eagles they know that this was problem and the fans need to calm down. be quite and realize it too. absolutely ridiculous plays that you just saw. lucy. >> i'm all calm. i'm still on the wagon, sean, still on the wagon. justin beiber the center of new exhibit at mad dom tussaud's london. they're calling it their wet look figure using the pop star. beiber's wack figure as you can see topless and almost pant le less. >> come on. >> shows off his many tattoos. the unveiling comes just as bobber kicks off his uk leg of his tour tomorrow. pants any lower than that you can see his leg before you see the uk leg. that's it for us. sorry. >> i said it. pull up your pants, beiber. >> sorry. >> say good night lucy. >> good night, lucy.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok, speaking of locker room talk, there was an explosion of ps on cnn over the weekend. >> [bleep], you're not offended what donald trump said. harvey: the p word is now in the vernacular. >> it's wide open. harvey: it's wide open. [laughter] >> big news in the kim kardashian robbery case. they actually found a piece of jewelry that these robbers took. when these guys were fleeing on bicycles, they dropped one of the pieces of jewelry. harvey: fine, they're on bicycles. don't you have a bag? and have they seen movies? >> but the basket has holes in it. >> you think they put it in the little basket? [laughter] >> anthony anderson is one of the top conductors in "variety" magazine this year


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